Aerial Advertising

ACF Airpub is a leader in aerial publicity in the carribbeans. Specialised in banner and panels creation ACF Airpub will offer you a unique opportunity to promote your brand.

ACF Airpub is flying over other media because it is easy to see, it is easy to remember and it helps products sell. After being exposed to a commercial, 81% of people said the message cought their eyes, 51% remember the message one hour after being exposed and 60% find the commercial positive for the product.

Where do we promote your brand?

ACF Airpub diffusion span is almost ulimited over Martinique and Guadeloupe and include beach, highway, cities, malls and cultural events as well as sport and private events.

Banners and panels

Adapted to your message, banners allow you to difuse message composed of 30 letters, numbers or ponctuation. Banners are typically 20m to 40m long and 1.5m to 2m wide.

Panels can include a logo, an image and a slogan. they are typically 45 m2 to 100 m2 and are perfect for brand recognition.


ACF Airpub can offer you typical itineraries over Martinique and Guadeloupe and along the beach. You will also discuss the best option for your project during creation.

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Advertising flight can take-off any day of the week (including the week-end) from sunrise to sunset. The schedule will be determined with the client during creation of the projet.


A personalized price estimate can be requested by phone at +596.696.27.65.91 or by email at

For campaigns in Guadeloupe, an additional 1500 €+tax will be charged.

Basic Package:
Flight & creation of the banner
690 €
Digital Printing
(ie. 80 m2 = 2,400€)
40€ / m2
2-day Martinique Package:
2×2h30 flights around the beaches of Martinique
3450 €
2-day Martinique and 2-day Guadeloupe package (10hr):
5h flight around the beaches of Martinique
5h flight around the beaches of Guadeloupe
6900 €
Event advertising package:
5h flight during the following events: The Yoles Race, Carnival, sports and cultural events.

* prices do not include tax


50% with the order, 50% with the delivery.

Special Conditions

Flights cancelled due to bad weather, breakage or other reasons will be reschedules or refunded.