Flight School

Ever dreamt of become a pilot? No matter, if you look for a career in aviation, or if you want to have the flexibility of hopping the islands in your own airplane - now is the time for your dreams to come true. you will be open to new experiences, new challenges that are very rewarding. Schedule a introductory flight and discover the joy of flying!

Basic Learning License

We are offering full training from private to commercial licenses, for both visual and instrument rules. You can start as early as at 15 years old - with parental authorisation. To earn a Basic License, you will learn all the basics of aviation, spend 15 hours flying with an instructor and 5 hours flying solo*. This license will allow you to fly solo in a 30 km radius around the airport during the day. It is a great start and a solid motivation to continue your training further.

Training Aircraft Cessna 172
(2 places)
15 hours training with an instructor
5 hours solo
20 hours
Package cost 3400 €*

* prices do not include tax; prices are subject to change
due to frequent variations of the price of fuel

Private Pilot License

Above is a great start, and your training should not stop just now. The opportunity of flying between the islands and taking the passengers with you is now around the corner. The Private Pilot course will consist of more advanced training with navigation, weather, communications, aircraft performance and basic (5hr) instrument training. It will also also allow you to fly at night. This additional trainig consists of 30 hours dual/10 hours solo flight time, and will include long-distance flights, night training and a lot of take-offs and landings in various conditions.

Training aircraft Cessna 172
(2 places)
40 hours training with an instructor
10 hours solo
50 heures
Package cost 8500 €*

* prices do not include tax; prices are subject to change
due to frequent variations of the price of fuel

How to get started:

  • A piece of Identification
  • 2 I.D. pictures
  • A medical certificate delivered by a certified doctor
  • Fees/Logbook: 19.00 €